Email Extractor

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Online tool to find all e-mail addresses in a text

Group by
Group delimiter
Text (source)

Found e-mails (result)

  • Sort – type of e-mails sorting (without sorting/simple alphabetically/by domain name included in e-mail)
  • Only unique – if there is a specific e-mail more than once in the text, only one occurence will be accepted
  • To lower case – all e-mails will be converted to lower case
  • Delimiter – found e-mails delimiter ("_" substitutes space)
  • Group by – possibility to group found e-mails to groups with defined count (e.g. 100) of e-mails – it can facilitate work with huge amount of e-mails
  • Group delimiter – if Group by is set to not-null value, you can set delimiter of groups ("_" substitutes space)